03 February 2010

Valentine's Wreath

Happy February everyone!

I can't believe it's already February. Time really does go by quickly. This week I've been busy organizing my mantle and making more wreaths! I think I'm a little obsessed with wreaths. :o)

So this wreath idea came from here.

It was so easy. I bought 1/2 yard of red felt and a heart shaped foam wreath and then just cut out about 100 circles. You then just fold the circles twice and pin them to the wreath.


I wanted to put it on the outside of our front door, but since it's supposed to snow this weekend and it's been windy, I just put it on the inside. And, you know what? It makes me smile when I look up at it.

After 3 back and forth trips from Hobby Lobby to Michaels and back again (and again) I should be able to start one final wreath tonight. I'm so indecisive that I kept driving back and forth trying to figure out what I wanted to buy! It's not going to be a Valentine's wreath, but one that I hope to hang on top of my mantle.

On a Stella update, tonight is her very first puppy training class! I'm so excited and I hope she does well. It's kind of a bummer to be the owner of the dog that's the loser in the class. Haha! So I'll hopefully update tomorrow and let you all know how she did. 


Marcos said...


Elisa Autry said...

Aww...we gave you the loser.

Selina said...

I never thought you would turn out to be the Mexican Martha Stewart!! I love the wreaths...those were the days of being a stay at home wife. Enjoy every moment!!


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