01 November 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is the Husband's 26th birthday!

And for the past week I kept thinking it was his 27th. Oops! 

Happy Birthday to the cute boy I saw walking by at a Frat party almost 6.5 years ago.

Who knew we'd be here 6.5 years later with a beautiful son to call our own?

I love you so much Husband. Thank you for being my sugar bee, honey bunches of oats, apple of my eye, and the pumpkin of my pie.

You are an amazing and ridiculous Husband, Friend, and Father.

You do too much for this family and sometimes I just don't thank you enough.

I love you and everyday I will continue to love you.

Dating 2005- we were both 19!

80s Party-2006

Visiting me in El Paso-2006

Engagement Photo-2008
First Rockies game after moving to CO- 2008

Trip to Kansas City- 2009
The start of being a Father-March 2011


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I hope y'all had a fun Halloween!

Ours was pretty good and pretty ridiculous at the same time. You see, we knew that the neighborhood we moved into was the newest section of town and that this is where a lot of families lived, but we had no idea that everyone from the rest of town would drive here to trick or treat! The Hubs and I were so amazed by the sheer number of kids walking around last night. It was just like the movies where you always see a million trick or treaters out and about. I have honestly never experienced anything like it.

The Hubs tried to take a few photos with my phone, so I'm sorry for the lack of quality, but this gives you a little idea at the mass of people we were dealing with. 

One little boy came to our door and showed his big candy bar he got from our neighbor and his Mom told us that it was because he was the 600th trick or treater! And this was at 6:30! It didn't stop until about 8:30 and by that point, the Hubs had already gone out to get more candy since we foolishly thought 7 bags would do it.  Next year, we'll be more prepared.

Since we had so many people come by {and they started at around 4:45} we didn't get to take Remy out, but that's okay because I dressed him up anyway and he helped give out candy.

Is that not the cutest Hungry Caterpillar you've ever seen?!

I of course had to take some shots during the day. 
Hello! I don't know what's on my head.

Love this child!

Trying to escape my photo

The very hungry caterpillar eating "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

And we're done.

27 October 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday, we finally got our first snow of the season here in Colorado! It was actually very nice to have the cold weather since our Fall has kind of been lacking this year.

Remy had technically seen snow already {when he was a week old} but this would be his first getting bundled up and going outside experience.  So after nap time I zipped him up into his snow suit, threw on his hat, and then realized that my child could hardly move. A Christmas Story anyone? 

And what did my precious child think of the snow?

He was pretty indifferent about it. 

I think he was just trying to figure out why I kept making him sit on a snowy log in our front yard to take pictures.

We didn't stay out long but he got to touch it and we walked around the neighborhood for a hot second so it was a pretty good first snow day for Remy! Of course this won't be his last as long as we live in Colorado. 

And finally, later that day I made a big pot of Caldo de Res which is a soup with meat and tons of veggies. It's served with rice and in my bowl, a big helping of lime juice. It was the perfect meal to end a cold, snowy day.

And...one outtake. 

25 October 2011

Trip to Texas Part Uno

October is almost over! Can you believe it? I also can't believe that I once again, have gone a little over a week without blogging. Ugh, life sometimes gets in the way.

Of course with that excuse also comes the fact that Remy and I flew down to Texas for 8 days last week! To say I was nervous would be an understatement. But if I chickened out and didn't fly down my Mother would have never forgiven me! So I sucked it up, over packed and off we went.

Since I had never flown before with Remy I didn't know what to expect so I might have slightly over packed my carry on. Toys, books, a million diapers, 4 changes of clothes, sippy cups, snacks, burp cloths, and Ziploc bags were just a few of the things that were bulging out of my bag.
We got through security pretty fast and easy {minus my ridiculous effort to open the stroller which included using my one free hand and a foot} and I had just enough time to do a diaper change before we boarded.

I got a window seat in the front and proceeded to pull out some toys to keep him busy while everyone boarded. I had planned to nurse him during take off so it would help his ears but of course my child demanded his food during boarding. So everyone was boarding and there I am nursing in my seat. 

Ah, motherhood.

Of course my giant plan for him to nurse during take off was ruined but with his pacifier he was fine. A nice girl sat next to us so I felt comfortable that she wouldn't throw a fit if my child decided to throw a fit.

The 2.5 hour flight which included a stop {but no change of planes} was successfully mastered by a quick 30 minutes of playing with the drink menu {what? Remy didn't want any of the million toys I packed? Ridiculous!} and then he fell asleep for the last 2 hours!

I was amazed at how awesome he did and continually prayed my thank yous to the Lord for such a great flight. I got to enjoy my music throughout the flight while enjoying my pretzels and sprite with one awkward hand.

We landed on time and the reaction on my parents faces when they first saw him as we were coming down was well worth the nervousness of my trip. {I'll share more later on Remy with the family}.

So I had a great flight going to Texas! How was my trip back to Colorado? Well it was a bit more interesting. But you'll have to wait for that story.

P.S. To the old lady who sat in the aisle seat on the first half of the trip and then for the second half got up and moved ONE row back so you would not have to sit next to me and the kid, you're pretty ridiculous! My child was asleep the whole time!! Was I really such a bother? At least you could have moved farther away so as to seem that you just wanted a better seat. Thanks for making me feel wanted. {haha}

a :: boarding pass  b :: playing for first 30 min  c :: snow capped Rocky Mountains  d :: sleeping baby

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