01 November 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is the Husband's 26th birthday!

And for the past week I kept thinking it was his 27th. Oops! 

Happy Birthday to the cute boy I saw walking by at a Frat party almost 6.5 years ago.

Who knew we'd be here 6.5 years later with a beautiful son to call our own?

I love you so much Husband. Thank you for being my sugar bee, honey bunches of oats, apple of my eye, and the pumpkin of my pie.

You are an amazing and ridiculous Husband, Friend, and Father.

You do too much for this family and sometimes I just don't thank you enough.

I love you and everyday I will continue to love you.

Dating 2005- we were both 19!

80s Party-2006

Visiting me in El Paso-2006

Engagement Photo-2008
First Rockies game after moving to CO- 2008

Trip to Kansas City- 2009
The start of being a Father-March 2011


1 comment:

Chris said...

Congratulations to the Husband on his birthday! I remember 26 -- eons ago. ;-) You are an adorable couple with an adorable son!

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