01 November 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I hope y'all had a fun Halloween!

Ours was pretty good and pretty ridiculous at the same time. You see, we knew that the neighborhood we moved into was the newest section of town and that this is where a lot of families lived, but we had no idea that everyone from the rest of town would drive here to trick or treat! The Hubs and I were so amazed by the sheer number of kids walking around last night. It was just like the movies where you always see a million trick or treaters out and about. I have honestly never experienced anything like it.

The Hubs tried to take a few photos with my phone, so I'm sorry for the lack of quality, but this gives you a little idea at the mass of people we were dealing with. 

One little boy came to our door and showed his big candy bar he got from our neighbor and his Mom told us that it was because he was the 600th trick or treater! And this was at 6:30! It didn't stop until about 8:30 and by that point, the Hubs had already gone out to get more candy since we foolishly thought 7 bags would do it.  Next year, we'll be more prepared.

Since we had so many people come by {and they started at around 4:45} we didn't get to take Remy out, but that's okay because I dressed him up anyway and he helped give out candy.

Is that not the cutest Hungry Caterpillar you've ever seen?!

I of course had to take some shots during the day. 
Hello! I don't know what's on my head.

Love this child!

Trying to escape my photo

The very hungry caterpillar eating "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

And we're done.

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