27 October 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday, we finally got our first snow of the season here in Colorado! It was actually very nice to have the cold weather since our Fall has kind of been lacking this year.

Remy had technically seen snow already {when he was a week old} but this would be his first getting bundled up and going outside experience.  So after nap time I zipped him up into his snow suit, threw on his hat, and then realized that my child could hardly move. A Christmas Story anyone? 

And what did my precious child think of the snow?

He was pretty indifferent about it. 

I think he was just trying to figure out why I kept making him sit on a snowy log in our front yard to take pictures.

We didn't stay out long but he got to touch it and we walked around the neighborhood for a hot second so it was a pretty good first snow day for Remy! Of course this won't be his last as long as we live in Colorado. 

And finally, later that day I made a big pot of Caldo de Res which is a soup with meat and tons of veggies. It's served with rice and in my bowl, a big helping of lime juice. It was the perfect meal to end a cold, snowy day.

And...one outtake. 

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