28 January 2010

Gotta love that Dollar Store

I've seen many designs with a set of cones that look like they're made out of twine or covered in moss. I really like the way it looks so I went to the dollar store and sure enough, they sell Styrofoam cones there. They only sold ones that were all the same size, so I decided to also buy another piece of Styrofoam and just glue it to the bottom to make one taller and just cut another one to make it the smaller size. I had previously gone to Michael's to find a thick twine but I couldn't really find anything I liked and most were averaging 6-8 dollars. Luckily, whilst perusing the Dollar Tree I found some twine that I thought would look good.

So easy enough, I just wrapped the cones in the twine, hot glued the ends, and added a little bow in the center.

I think I'd like a thicker twine, but for a total of 4 dollars, I think they're really cute and they'll definitely have a place in my mantle once I figure out how I want to decorate it! I may also go back and bye more and cover them with moss to see how those would look too.

On a side note, my Husband, who is the most amazing guy, thinks the absolute world of me and he's constantly telling me I can do anything and everything. (Which I cannot!) So, one Saturday we went looking for some art for our mantle and when we didn't find anything he suggested that I just buy a canvas and paint something myself though I have no painting skills whatsoever. Well, this past weekend we found ourselves at Hobby Lobby and we bought 2 canvases, paint, brushes, and he even insisted on buying me an easel! Well, I painted both and though I like the way they came out I'm not sure about them. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but you just have to remember that this was my first try! (Oh, and I told him he needs to paint some too then when my Mom comes to visit next week she can judge them! Haha)

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mlgurrola234 said...

Jennifer I think your ideas are fabulous!

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