31 January 2010

Honey brought me some Honey

So for the past couple of weeks Marcos has been working in Nebraska. This week he came home with a surprise for me. He noticed that there were some cute shops around town (and he knows I love some cute shops!) and he noticed one that was selling fresh honey. He bought me 2 different varieties of honey.

The first is a regular honey in the very typical "bear" container except for one thing. This bear is HUGE. I can't find my ruler so I'll just say that he's taller than my hand and I can't even put my hand around him.

The next one is a lighter honey and in the bottom of the jar it still contains some of the honeycomb.

(On the far left you can see one of my Valentine's crafts I made that I haven't posted yet, so stay tuned!)

Both of these are form Anselmo, NE and are from the Chandler's Sandhill Honey & Bottling Co. Oh, and one more great thing. Marcos did not have cash (we're super bad at carrying around actual money) and they didn't accept credit cards so they told him to go ahead and take the honey and to just send them a check later! Can you believe it? So as I type this, I'm getting their payment ready and will deliver it to the post office so they can receive it asap. Who knew there were still such trusting folks out there? Well, thank you Chandler Family for the fabulous honey! And thank you Honey, for the honey.  :o)

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Selina said...

Faboulous mantle and wreath!! I'm glad to hear that stella's puppy days are seeming brighter!

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