01 September 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 19

Day 19:
  Adorn your head

I tried.
Honestly, I did.

You see, I wear headbands all the time. They're my thing. In fact, I bought a headband that I loved at Target and when my dog got that headband and ate it, I went and bought another one. And when she managed to get that one, I went back and bought another one. And when she ate that one too, I went back one more time and got another. And when she got that one too, I went one more time to Target and bought the same headband AGAIN. And this time....I always remember to put it away and never leave it low enough where she can reach it. Only took me 4 times to take action, but the point is that I love headbands.

So, I tried to do something different.
But you see, all my hats are winter hats.
Perhaps a scarf?
Oh I really wanted the scarf thing to work for me. Have you seen how cute people look with scarves on their head? I bought a scarf and anxiously tried various ways to tie it and alas, I look ghetto/I should be cleaning your house whilst wearing a scarf. Trust me on this one, the scarf thing was just not happening. I guess I just have to file it away under the "Cannot Wear" category. What else is in that category? Hoop earrings. Just can't do them. I look like a chola or for those of you who are unfamiliar with Mexican slang, I look like a Mexican gangsters girlfriend and that's just not my "thang." And in case you're thinking that I must be over exaggerating, I told my Mom this once and she thought I was ridiculous. So I put on hoop earrings and showed her...needless to say her silence was all the affirmation that I needed.

So the headband it was.
This one I bought at Forever 21 and it actually came with a little veil piece too, but I just couldn't rock that. I cut that piece off and now I have a ridiculously huge flower headband that I love.

Headband- F21; Shirt- Maurices

*The Hubs took the picture on the right last night because I wanted to get a good profile pic, that's why I'm not wearing the blue top in that picture.

And because I'm lucky enough to see this everyday, I thought I'd share the wealth.
This is what I get to look down to after he wakes up.
I love that he's so happy to see me.
Every single time.
"I see London, I see France, I see someone's underpants!""


becoming teacher misty said...

This headband looks lovely on you! Keep it out of the dog's reach! LOL :)

Amy said...

Your headband is really fun, I love it.

Also, I can't wait to see a picture of your necklace that you don't know what to wear it with.

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