04 September 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 21 i.e. The Grand Finale!

21 Day Challenge

Day 21
   Create your own killer outfit

Ahh...it's the end of the challenge!
I'm so glad that I happened to stumble upon that big orange button {see above} and decided to participate in this challenge. Kayla did a great job and the fact that she's been tracking points for the prizes, is pretty amazing since there has a ton of people participating.

I really tried to step outside of my box for this outfit and I was very pleased with the result. Starting from the beginning of this challenge, I had noticed a lot of people, Kayla included, who would pair their dresses with a top and then wear a belt so it would look like it was a skirt. I had never really thought about doing this so I tried it out. Tons of inspiration came from the many striped skirts I've seen and have been wanting and since I have a striped dress, I tried to make it look like a skirt with the addition of a black top and belt. I was a tad over ambitious with the boots, but I just changed those later. I made the flower pin and loved the pop of color. 

Striped Dress- Old Navy
Top & Belt- Target
Boots- Payless
Flower Pin- Made by me

If you didn't do the challenge this time, I hope if there is a next time, that you'll participate as well! It was lots of fun and it really stretched my thinking on my "boring and old" wardrobe. 


Kayla said...

I love it! That pop of blue is fantastic and I adore stripes with all my soul. Bonus point!

Freckles in April

Anne said...

Love the stripes; great idea to do the dress as a skirt!

Chris said...

Jenn, you've done *such* a great job throughout the whole challenge! I've been inspired by you day after day after day. I'm so glad I found your blog. This outfit is dynamo! I love the stripes - there aren't enough wide ones in the fashion world IMHO! - and the pop of blue from your lovely pin. You rock!!

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