16 September 2011

Insta Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already.
I also can't believe that the last post I put up was last weeks Insta Friday.
I've been such a bum this past week, but my goal is to post this whole coming week!
Anyway, on to Insta Friday. Click the pretty button above to join the party. 

Our week started off with finding this treasure at, where else?, Goodwill! My Brother has a thing for globes and this bad boy stands around 3 ft tall and the globe illuminates! We got it for $50 but once I went home I looked this model up and it's worth around $5-600! Now the only trick is sending it from Colorado to Texas. 

This is either the world's largest bib or Remy is tiny. 

I turned around to find this child pushing himself up on the bottom of the coffee table. 
You see that big empty space?
Yeah, there were magazines and books there until some baby hands threw them all off and tore half of them!

The Hubs cleaning off after working on his Jeep. 

Remy went from wearing this adorable outfit one day....

...to wearing this the next day! The temperature dropped almost 50 degrees in a day! Welcome Fall!

Both Remy & Stella kept their eyes on the Hubs' ice cream the entire time he was eating it.

And because it got cold here, I was able to whip out this fabulous vintage Lacoste sweater my Brother gave Remy. I love the stripes! 

So we had a prompt this week and it was to take a picture of something we loved.
So be forewarned to not be grossed out by the state of this item.

 Allow me to introduce you to my blanket.
{and no, surprisingly at 26 years old, I'm not ashamed to show you this}
I've had this since the day I was born and I've slept with it every day since. 
To say I love this blanket would be an understatement. 
I LOVE this blanket.
It used to bright yellow with satin trim but now it's mostly shreds and as the Hubs describes it, "some nasty brownish color"  My Mom bought me book when I was in high school about baby Kermit the Frog and his blanket and how he finally put it away for safe keeping because he didn't need it anymore. Well good for you Kermit! But, I just like it okay? I mean, I don't walk around with it {anymore} and I don't watch TV with it {anymore} and I certainly don't take it to the dinner table {anymore}
I'm a Wife and a Momma now....{it just stays under my pillow now} 
And that my friends, is true love.

Next week we're supposed to try and take a picture of something we hate. Should be interesting to see what people hate!  Have a good weekend y'all!


The Morris Family said...

We have had many greasy arms to wash in this family too!! but never thought to take a pic of it!! ha!!

Its alright.....keep your blanket near!! :)

Christine said...

I still have my baby blanket too!! Although, it stays in the "blanket cabinet" with all the other throws and such. I just CAN'T bring myself to get rid of it. And while I dont' sleep with it anymore, I sure did in college (Loser!).

Morgan Daymude said...


I read a couple of your posts and I am loving your blog! You are an incredible writer, you have such a gift!
I am your most recent follower, and would love if you would check out my blog and follow if you like it!


Morgan Daymude

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