08 September 2011

Insta Friday

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My parents drove almost 13 hours to come visit us this weekend! And by "us" I mean their one and only grandchild, Remy. They brought with them this Mickey hat for Remy that our good friends were gracious enough to get monogrammed for him on a recent trip to Disneyland.
I have one when I first went when I was 1 so I'm excited that Remy has his own hat too!

 I love that this kid now enjoys his bath time. So much water splashing ensues, it gets pretty ridiculous.

 Remy enjoying some Grandma time.

 Did my parents really buy me the Baby Bullet? You betcha they did!

The wonderful fabric my Mom picked out for me to make a skirt.
Though I did buy a new duvet this past weekend and I'm finally decorating our bedroom, so I might make some pillows out of this since I like it so much.

 We drove the almost 2 hours to Ikea and the Grandparents bought Remy this red highchair. He loves it!
Also, a big shoutout to my Dad who put together all my Ikea purchases including: this highchair, my curtain rod and curtains, and my new table for my sewing machine. Thanks Pops!

Found a cute black and white tie at the thrift store to make into another tie necklace. This time, my Mom sewed up the back for me and showed me how to hide the stitches because apparently she's pretty fancy like that. My first tie necklace looks like a hack job on the back. Thanks Mom!
You can find the tutorial I used here

LOVE this cute little dish I bought at Goodwill for $1.00 to put my rings in. 

The Hubs and Remy enjoying a work call.

Went ahead and chopped off more bangs! Now they're total full frontal (I pulled them to the side here to see if I could still do that) and now I don't know why I waited so long to do it.

Scene: Remy sitting on my lap reading a book
2 seconds later....
Remy hears Stella behind him and flings himself down to get a better look.
{please notice Stella licking her chops since she just finished giving my child a good lick in the face}

Toys, toys, toys...and more toys!
They've officially taken over my home and I only have ONE kid.
I can only imagine the nonsense when we have more kids.
{that's Remy's first finger painting next to the mirror!}

 College football has started and I received my favorite newborn shot of Remy on top of our Texas Tech helmet on a stretched canvas this weekend. I can't wait to decorate our office in Tech colors and put this canvas up.


He is    t  h  i   s    close to crawling that he gets a little mad when he can't go forward. He then gives up and just rolls to his destination.

And of course I've taken 8 million photos of my child throughout the week so allow me to bore you with some of those to end Insta Friday!  Have a great weekend!  

{I can't believe this adorable creature is all mine!}


Faith said...

Aww your little guy is adorable!
I went to Tech for a year (it's all I could stand being away from home so finished near my hometown in North Dallas instead!).
My sister got the baby bullet too! How do you like yours?
The red high chair looks pretty awesome!

The Morris Family said...

Now that is one precious and loved baby!!! and what else are grandparents for .....to spoil and luv a baby! haha!!

Jeannett said...

oh love that baby face! so cuddley and squishy! and super jealous that your mom is so crafty! my mom wouldn't even know how to turn a sewing machine on! thanks for linking up!

jessica dukes said...

i love that fabric too! i swear every day that i am going to take down my kitchen curtain and make a skirt! haha

and that baby boy! precious!

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