03 September 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 20

Day 20
    Wear your Sunday shoes

The end is almost here! I cannot believe how quickly 21 days go by.

So for this challenge we are supposed to wear our Sunday shoes, i.e. wear your "nice" shoes on a day that's not for going to church, etc.

I've said it before but I just hate wearing heels or any type of high shoes. I feel like a giant in them and I'm not even that tall. 5'7 last time I went to the doctor and that was with an inch decrease! {I'm shrinking and I'm only in my 20s!} This definitely doesn't mean that I think all  tall people look like giants in heels, because I really don't, I just feel weird in them. My good friend Alexis is a model {she was on Project Runway!} and she is so tall and can rock heels better than anyone I know! I actually own a lot of heels and "nice" shoes, but they hardly get any wear time.

I decided to go with pair of wedges that I bought on a whim a couple years back. Every time I go through my closet to make a donate pile, I always save these puppies because I tell myself that I'll wear them more.
That never happens, but it's the thought that counts, right?

 Shirt & Cardigan- F21*
Capris- Old Navy
Shoes- Marshall's

*This sweater is a small! As a rule of thumb I always try on everything at F21 because their sizes are ridiculous. 

On a full disclosure notice, I'm going to Ikea today and will be taking a pair of flats because let's face it,
when trekking it through a giant store, one must wear sensible shoes.  :o)

Also, today is the first Texas Tech game {Wreck 'em Tech!!} so I'll also be sporting a Red Raiders T-shirt later on.  I LOVE college football time!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Challenge! I've loved seeing every one's looks.
Kayla has done an amazing job. Don't you agree?

 Also, Amy wanted to see my Anthro necklace that I wrote about here  I mentioned that I couldn't find anything to wear with, so here's the picture of it.

It has 4 flowers and each has a little rhinestone in the middle. I bought the black/grey combo because I figured it would go with a lot, but then the 2 outermost flowers are a weird shade of grey. Also, I sort of feel like a clown with a ruffled collar when I wear it. {it's also kind of "smushed" from being packed away}

Blah, I just don't know.

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Kassie said...

I love your outfit! SO cute!

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