06 October 2011

Insta Friday

life rearranged

Another fabulous linky party @ Life Rearranged! 

Join the fun with pictures from your cell phone, regardless if you have the instagram app or not! 
And as a side note, does anyone else not like the new instagram with the update?
I sort of feel that the quality of my favorite "Nashville" is just not the same!
I love the suggestion that we use our instagram names on the link up!
I'm "jenlechuga"...fancy, no?

This photo is actually from last week but since I didn't link up last week I thought I'd share it because it's one of my favorites! The Hubs and Remy out for a stroll at the festival downtown.

Chevron pajamas? Yes please!

Oh yes, that's the Baby Bullet!! My folks bought it for me and I just whipped it out to make Remy some food. This was apples, which he HATED!  {so far he only likes avocados}

Cutest kid on top of a vehicle.

This is my Brother's favorite cereal. My Brother who is in his 30s.
BUT they apparently do not sell it in Texas, so here I am in Colorado being an awesome Sister and stocking up for him. Last year I actually ordered 6 boxes from Amazon and had them shipped to his place for Christmas! 

For some reason I'm just not a fan of a baby in his diaper only.
But, the Hubs had him like this one afternoon and boy is the chubby little chest to. die. for.

Stella thinks she's safe on the couch.
She is mistaken.

Rockin' the shades on an outing to Target.
A pretty big deal since the closest one is an hour away! {sad, sad times}

My cousin is here and she bought the Sally Hansen Salon Effects peel and stick nail polish.
This one is called Frock Star.
I love that 1 strip can do two of my itty bitty nails.
I'm slightly obsessed with it already.
{Man my hands are wrinkly up close!}

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yuè said...

cute photos! i love them all

here's my entry

The Morris Family said...

Sweet lil' dude with the sunglasses!!

I'm Cindy 1962!!!

jessica dukes said...

love the polish...and he SI the cutest boy on top of a car i have ever seen! and the baby bullet...wow! i havent seen that but love my regular one...and the pj's WHERE did you get them?

Summer said...

Love your pictures. I LOVE the Salon Effects! They are seriously the best thing ever!

Chelsea said...

Chevron jammies? Adorable sparkly nails? And Boo Berry cereal? Officially LOVE your blog.

Skinny McGinny said...

The Frock Star nails rock.

angiephoto365 said...

Love these!!! I love Boo Berry too! And I totally agree about the instagram update!

Katie said...

The chevron pjs are to die for! And the munchkin wearing them is even cuter! Thank you for your sweet comment over at the blog, have a great weekend! :D


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