04 October 2011

What a feeling

For almost a month now, my heart has been exploding with love because of the tiniest occurrence. 

You see, ever since Remy learned to sit up in his crib I constantly find him sitting up after a nap or whenever he happens to wake up from sleeping.
And with this one simple task, my heart fills with an emotion that is hard to even put into words.

He often wakes up with a little cry which means, "Momma, come get me because I'm hungry and then I want to immediately go back to sleep." And it is at this moment when I get up and quietly go to his room, and in the haze of his blue {my favorite light bulb ever!} lamp that I see my precious son sitting in the middle of his crib, with his eyes usually closed, whimpering ever so softly, just waiting to get picked up.

Do you even know what this does to me?

I usually want to start crying because it's just too precious of a sight.

I realize that we were all babies once and that we all longed for our Momma or Daddy but it's not until you become a parent that it hits you.
This one little person depends solely on you. 
You are all that matters.

When I find Remy sitting in his crib, I know that he needs me.
I find myself asking.
But I'm just a kid too. I can remember high school still! And what about all the fun times in college? And of course, I've only been married 3 years, so I'm barely a wife.
But none of this matters at that moment because even though I am still just Jennifer, I am also now

And that precious child just sitting there in his crib needs his Momma.
Little does he know that I need him even more.

I realize this isn't a crib picture but isn't he just adorable here?

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