06 October 2011

Mobile and loving it

For almost a month now Remy has been crawling.

And by crawling I mean scooting around so fast that he inevitably hits his head on something long before I even get a chance to lunge towards him to prevent said hitting from occurring.

I have to say that watching him go from getting on his hands and knees and just rocking back and forth to finally figuring out that rhythm of crawling has been so exciting. He's such a funny kid and when he takes off he looks at me as if to say, "Watch out woman, I'm on the go!"

Of course his favorite place to crawl to is underneath the counter where Stella's dog food is. So we finally went out and bought a fancy gate that screwed into the wall to block off the dining room and kitchen from him. 

You hear that kid? We bought a fancy one just to prevent you from going somewhere!

So there we were one night, happily drilling giant holes into our wall to set up the gate so that we wouldn't have to worry about him crawling over there and getting into things. I mean come on, parents are genius, no?

No, we are not.

The next day Remy crawls right up to the gate, (meanwhile Stella is so freaked out by the gate that she cowers under the bed all day) stands up whilst holding on, and shakes the living daylight out of that fancy gate. And what happens?

He manages to pull out 2 of the screws that were screwed into the wall out and flips the gate over so he can crawl underneath. 

Touché Remy Daen.

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