24 August 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10
   Wear a closet orphan

I think more than half of my closet could be considered "orphans!" I'm notorious for buying things that I love and have to have, then a week later, after I've worn it once, I forget about it and in it goes into the abyss known as my closet.  So, I could have probably worn a lot of different things today, but I chose this top that I bought at a store here in town. I had never been to a Maurices before and randomly stopped in one day when I had family visiting. A little while after that I stopped in during a sale and bought this top for $5.00! I thought it was cute and such a bargain. I promptly got home and decided that I could never really wear it because the collar wasn't stretchy enough for me to pull down to nurse. Haha, the woes of feeding your baby! So away in the closet it went.

Then yesterday I tried it on again and discovered that if I stretched it far out to the side enough, I could totally pop my boob out! LOL  Sorry, TMI?! {too much information} Hopefully I don't forget about it again, because it actually is a pretty top.

Top- Maurices
Jeans & Tank- Old Navy
Shoes- Target
Necklace- boutique in Kansas City
*Bonus*- sweet baby boy head! {don't you love Bonus picture days?!}

Tomorrow is wear a dress or a skirt. I'm going to try and pull out an orphan dress, because I have lots of those. Unfortunately as I was going through my closet, I realized that I own like 2 skirts. I had a moment of  "I'm donating everything I don't wear" one day and I chucked all my skirts....oops!

And, as the life of a mommy blogger goes, I must get going since I can hear the little one waking up from his nap!

Oh and head over to Freckles in April to see Kayla's outfits and her prompts or to the Flickr group to see everyone's uploads!

1 comment:

shopfreak said...

Pretty top especially for $5! I have those target shoes and I'm trying to decide if I'm keeping them...they look really good cute in your pic, but for some reason not so much when I wear them. I'll have to check them out again today.

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