25 August 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 11

Day 11
   Wear a dress or skirt

This one was easy enough. I decided to wear a dress that I've only worn once or twice. I originally bought it to wear to a bridal shower I was hosting for my friend last summer. It was too big on top but a quick trip to the seamstress fixed that right up. Also, since it's strapless and right now I feel like my arms are extra jiggly {haha} I got a light sweater from Target and simply knotted it in the front. Then I added the belt to cover the knot and viola, a new outfit was born!

I'm also wearing the same shoes as Day 1, just in yellow! You better believe if Gap had had these shoes in 50 different colors I would have snagged all of them up, but alas I could only find them in blue and yellow. 

Dress- Anthropologie
Sweater & Belt- Target
Shoes- Gap
Necklace- Pretty Things by Meg

Tomorrow is jazz up jeans and a tee.
I had big plans for this by jazzing up a tee I had but alas, this small town has prevented me from accomplishing this since the one store we have doesn't carry what I need. Boo!! Oh well, we'll see what I come up with.

And in case you wanted to know, yesterday we had our first "boo-boo" with Remy Daen! And the bad thing? I didn't even notice it, the Hubs did when we were eating lunch. He looks up and goes, "Umm, his toe is bloody."  Poor kid. I think he scraped it on one of his many crib toys.  All I can say is good thing I happened to pick up a box of band-aids the other day because seriously, for the past 3 years, we have never had a box of band-aids in our house. I cut myself one time and had to get a band-aid from the Hubs' first aid kit in his work truck!

Look at those sweet toes!

Have a Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Great outfit - I like the way you added the yellow necklace and shoes and brown belt with the black and white dress!

Poor Remy! Or should I say lucky Remy that he didn't really notice his owie either... Hope it heals up really fast.

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