18 August 2011

Remy Daen is 5 months old!

Dear Remy Daen,

Today you are 5 months old. I cannot even believe that it's already been this long since your Daddy & I welcomed you into our family. Or rather, I cannot believe that it's already been this long since you put me in immense pain for 18 hours and almost 2 hours of the hardest pushing I've ever done. You choose which sentiment you like better.

But seriously, you are amazing. I cannot even imagine how I lived a single day without you and your wonderful little face. This past month you grew so much, I felt that if I blinked I'd miss it.

After you gave us your first 3 {and only 3} roll overs in Month 3, I began to wonder if you just decided to save the real rolling for another day or had you simply forgotten that you'd even done it in the first place? Then, out of nowhere, you became a rolling machine! I'd lay you down vertically in the middle of your activity mat and seconds later you'd be horizontal, on your stomach, and in the upper right hand corner of the mat. Crazy boy, you were rolling every which way and it was a joy to experience it with you. Who knew watching someone roll was so exciting?

Then came the wonder that is sitting up.
Oh, how you love to be sitting up now. No more laying around for you. In fact, you often begin to fuss when we lay you down on your activity mat. The fact that you can sit up straight and not wobble like a bobble head is pure joy for you. I think it's because you love to see the world around you. Everything looks so different from this new perspective. You sit and watch TV with Daddy, sit and watch Mommy get ready in the morning, and sit and watch dinner being made {in your silly looking Bumbo of course} Because of this, your new jumperoo is your best friend. Oh, how I love to hear you jump, jump, jump! And you do all of this whilst jumping on your toes. I try so hard to flatten your feet out for you, but you sure aren't having any of that. So for now, we'll just let you scrunch up those little toes of yours and jump away!

I also love that you've become quite the little ham. Since I've always had a camera in your face {what's a Momma supposed to do, not  photograph her child every second?} you're quite used to giving me different poses and looks. I get the best pictures to send to family & friends because you love to smile and laugh for me. You, my child, are a natural. I love making you laugh with my silly songs and even sillier dancing {just remember when I'm still doing these things and you're a teenager that you used to LOVE this about me.}

We also heard your fabulous little giggle for the first time! Up until now you've been quite the "silent" laugher. You smile so big but no sound comes out! Then, it happened. And, who makes you laugh now? Why Stella of course! Only that crazy dog of ours can elicit a laugh out of you, and that's okay as long as we get to hear it. 

You've become quite the little napper now and there's nothing I like more than to sing softly to you and watch you fall asleep. The times I lay you down next to me, you make me cry when you reach out and gently touch my lips and cheeks as I sing you to sleep. My Son, you make me feel so loved.

And finally my little boy, I'm one lucky Momma because I get to be with you everyday and watch you grow. Because of this, we must always remember to love Daddy extra hard. He works so hard everyday so that I can stay home with you and even though he often gets home late, you always manage to put on a big smile for him and let him know that you love him. Always remember that your Daddy loves you  more than the moon and the stars and he is so excited watching you grow up. He's already started buying you "big boy" toys in anticipation for when you get older! I can't wait until you can go outside and play with Daddy.

Remy Daen, welcome to Month 5. I cannot wait to see what this month has in store for you.
I love you my silly boy.

Your Momma,

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