30 August 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 16

Day 16
   Menswear inspiration

I basically could only come up with this outfit because I happen to have bought this vest a couple of years ago and it was the most "menswear" I had. I originally had it on with a different top but then I remembered the extra points if you wear your remix item a 4th time, so I whipped that bad boy out! {even though I have to say that I NEVER win anything. I have the worst luck in the world}

This is the Hubs' tie and it's my absolute favorite one he owns. It's so bright and has amazing colors {yellow, pink, turquoise, blue!}and it's the tie I wanted to make into a necklace, but I refrained since I figured using his Ralph Lauren tie wouldn't be a good idea. {I actually asked him later and he told me I could make it into a necklace if I wanted...what a sweet boy!}

I also have never worn a tie, but I thought I'd give it a go. And I must say, I liked it! It felt fun to be sporting a tie that I tied all on my own {with the help of the internet and a few step by step instructions}

White button down- Old Navy {remix item, 4th time!}
Vest- ??? {i can't remember & I tore out the tag so who knows}
Jeans- Old Navy
Tie- Ralph Lauren {stolen from Hubs}
Shoes- Marshall's
Watch- Fossil {stolen from Hubs}
Ring- James Avery

*Sorry for the lack of pictures, I took some other full body shots and of course pics of my shoes, but when it came down to it, I really just liked this picture. It captures the essence of the outfit the best.


Christine Martin said...

So your post just popped up in my news feed. I believe we were in Phi Lam together way back when... Love your blog and think this challenge is fabulous! Your family is beautiful too; Remy might be the best looking baby boy I have ever seen (and I can say that since I have one myself-he comes in second!). Also, my hisband moved me to a tiny town too, so I totally get wanting to shop at a bigger store than Walmart.

Anyway,just wanted to say hi, I'll be following from now on!

shopfreak said...

Cute look!

Kassie said...

I really like that tie! The yellow is just lovely!

Chris said...

You just ooze cute in this outfit! I too love the tie. I would totally make it into a necklace if I were you. ;-)

HillyB said...

i love the tie! it looks fantastic on you.

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Saralyn said...

Love it!

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