12 August 2011

21 Day Challenge

Kayla over at Freckles in April is going to start a 21 Day Challenge on August 15th where she will set up a prompt on what to wear and all you have to do is put your outfit together, snap a photo, and either blog about it and link up or post it to her Flickr group.

Immediately I was intrigued because let's be honest, as a stay at home mom in a small town, I'm not getting dressed everyday. And when i do, it's basically the same pair of jeans and another stretchy top. So, I'm going to challenge myself to participate everyday!

I'm nervous and excited because this means that:
  1. I'll probably have to start washing and doing my hair with a tad more frequency than I normally do.
  2. I should probably unpack all my clothes that are still in boxes in the garage from when we moved {almost 5 months ago}
  3. I really don't think I have a great wardrobe!
  4. and finally, 21 straight days of outfits will mean lots of laundry! 
I hope you guys enjoy the outifts! Make sure and check out Freckles in April everyday for the photos.

21 Day Challenge


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I think I'm going to do the challenge too! I think it will be fun!

Meredith said...

fun fun! Kayla is so cool, you'll have a blast. good luck mama! we need all the motivation we can get after baby, right? ;)

A Sharing Lettuce said...

I definitely need all the motivation I can get! I'm excited for the challenge to start. Hope to see your outfits, ladies!

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