08 August 2011


Are you on Pinterest yet?

If not, you should be! Pinterest is a website where people have posts and they "pin" pictures of things that they like. For example, if you're reading a blog that has a tutorial for making a ruffle pillow, you'd pin a picture of that pillow and it'd show up on your board. Now, other people cans see that you like that pillow and they can then follow the picture back to the original posting

Say you love the pattern "chevron."  You'd just type that in and more pictures than you can imagine will pop up and make you waste your entire day because you'll end up sitting there looking at all of them!

I realize it sounds ridiculous, but it's so easy and once you get a hang of it, it's so addicting!

If you want to see what I'm talking about, click the banner on the right side with the "P" and that'll take you directly to my Pinterest! The website is by invite only for new members, so if you want in, email me or comment and I'd be happy to invite you.

Happy Pinning!

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