16 August 2011

Remy Daen loves to read

Almost 2 months before Remy was born, I went to Pottery Barn Kids and purchased their Anywhere chair with a monogrammed cover for him. I've always loved these little chairs and I was very excited to finally have a child {and a good reason} to buy one. Since I knew that we would be moving to another town right after the baby was born, I just put the box in the garage and didn't even bother to open it.

Fast forward to March and it's a week after Remy was born. We're trying to get everything unpacked when I excitedly remember the chair for him. I open the box and inside was the insert for a bean bag not the Anywhere chair. Problem? Yes, because I now lived 2 hours away from the store and I had a newborn.

Blah, blah, blah...it took me FIVE months to finally trek it back into Denver to return that big box and get the correct insert and boy was it worth it.

Allow me to introduce you to the cutest child ever enjoying his chair.
You're welcome.

P.S. Do you like our Christmas blanket on the floor?

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