26 August 2011

Insta Friday

Another Friday means another look through the week according to my Iphone.
If you have the instagram app {or not} link up to the party over at Life Arranged.

 On Sunday, we had our first riding in the front of the cart and not the car seat experience at the store!

I'm going to let y'all in on a secret.....The biggest store here in town is....Goodwill! So, the Hubs and I make it there at least twice a week. I know, that seems redundant, but you never know what you'll find. Ask my garage, it's full of "projects" from the Goodwill just waiting to be finished. So, I didn't buy these cheese markers, but I did send a picture asap to my sister in law because a couple years back, for New Year's Eve, we had a cheese and wine tasting party. In our brilliance and due to lack of time, we simply wrote the name of the cheeses on little pieces of paper and put them next to the cheeses. But look at these beauties and for less than 2 dollars! {haha}

We also picked these jars up because I liked the cork screw top and the Hubs for some reason wanted to buy a bag of marbles. So, yeah. We're real classy at the Goodwill.

This fabulous purse was found at another local thrift store for just 2 dollars. It's made of straw and it's kind of shaped like a briefcase and has a great buckle that I just loved.

 Of course I have to show you pictures with Remy! In the first picture I have a wonky eye, but the kid is laughing so big that I had to show y'all! The thing is, when I take pictures like this, I switch the camera to the front camera so you can see yourself. So Remy always gives good smiles because he's looking at himself!

 Doggie for sale: for FREE!
Okay, just kidding. But sometimes Stella really gets on my last nerve. Like when Remy's down for a nap and she decides that she thinks she hears someone at the door and she runs down the hallway barking like a mad woman thus waking up my child. Yeah, those times I definitely want to stick her outside with a for FREE! sign. {sigh} But I do love our little fox. She's just so darn cute.
P.S. Can you tell she looks a little sad? It's because of said incident described above and I then yelled at her and she looked at me like this afterwards. Oh boo on you dog, yes I still love you! Sheesh!

I made these cool book bursts on Thursday whilst the babe was napping. They're so simple, they don't even require glue or anything. Love them!

 I was pretty excited to throw this picture in. I finished my necklace last night at almost 2am. Whoops! I didn't mean to stay up that late, but I'm glad I got one done. Side note: Remy was laying in our bed when I finally got done and so I gently picked him up and put him in his crib, crawled into bed, and then jumped up out of bed because someone had peed all over my side. Boo on you baby! {he promptly then woke up because I'm sure once I moved him, he finally felt that his entire side was sopping wet}

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