30 August 2011


So this is the breakdown on my bangs.

I sort of went into detail about my hair here and my love/hate relationship with it. I've never been able to have bangs because of a ridiculous hairline, cowlick, and widows peak combo but for some reason I just decided to chop off a good portion of my hair anyway and luckily, it turned out to be a success!

Umm..I really like playing with my different apps on my Iphone.

I just sort of cut off a portion of my hair in the front to give myself some side bangs.

Now, here's the dilemma.
I really, REALLY, really, want full on frontal bangs.
For the past couple of days, I've been going into the bathroom and fixing my hair trying to decided if I should do it or not. Yesterday the Hubs finally just looked at me and said, "Just do it already!"  Haha.

Of course I went to the mother of all sources, Pinterest.
Look at all those great bangs!

I figure I could always just swoop them to the side if I end up not liking them.
Sort of like this, minus the gorgeous face. {this is Keiko, if you don't read her blog, you should.}

I think I may wait until the weekend to see how I fell but right now I'm at 80/20 in favor of going full frontal. {don't you love how that sounds dirty}

So what do you think?
Should I do it?


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh my goodness, so impressed! You did that by yourself?! Amaze!

A Sharing Lettuce said...

Thanks Natalie, I sure did! I've always been quite the hair hacker. haha! I'll keep you posted to see if I do end up cutting straight across bangs!

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