09 August 2011

Breasfeeding or milking a cow?

I've been exclusively breastfeeding Remy for the past almost 5 months. Just typing that makes me {sigh}.  I always knew that I would nurse exclusively because I know the benefits of breastfeeding and I didn't want to sell my son short from the very beginning.

But here's the problem....I'm so over it.

Are you even allowed to say that as a Momma?
To me, it's just always been bothersome.

TMI {too much information} alert!
I've always been big chested, so with nursing, I just feel that they're too big, you know? Poor kid looks like he's drowning in boob every time he eats! And to be honest, I know that it could be worse. I've read all the books. I know there's women out there that bleed, leak, get chapped, get infections, etc. and I've had none of those things, so I'm doing pretty good in that department but where's the books that talk about the feeling bogged down, tired, and overwhelmed? {Well, I guess I've actually some of those books too}

I think it takes a special lady to love breastfeeding and to want to continue to do it until their child weans themselves but I am not one of those ladies. 

Don't get me wrong, I have no plans on stopping or starting him on formula. Because trust me, my milk supply has dipped dangerously low before and I had to supplement with formula and every time he drank that bottle, I cried a little inside. Just knowing that I couldn't give him what he needed and that he was crying and so hungry broke my heart. I'm not saying that if you go the formula route, you're a bad mother. But for me to be a stay at home Mom, I just always felt that it would be selfish of me to not nurse him. What else have I got to do?

I guess this just makes me a good Momma, right? Sacrificing everything for this sweet boy. If the benefits of breastfeeding are true and this kid still ends up with Asthma and allergies like me, well then....I shake my fist at you breastfeeding! 

So how do you feel about breastfeeding? Do you love it or hate it?

Is he sticking his tongue out at me complaining?

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Anonymous said...

Well Jen I can't say I know where you're coming from, cause my kids were bottle fed from day one.I knew in my heart that didn't mean that I loved my children any less,that was just my decision. I too have always been a stay at home Mom and not one time did I feel guilty about buying that formula every week. You know my kids well enough to know that they've never been under weight or sickly. They have never suffered from allergies or asthma and were rarely sick. That's my story! Whatever you choose can only come from you not the Dr. or any book, Remy is soo loved that as long as he has Mom around he'll be happy. Just enjoy being a Momma... DEz :)

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