08 August 2011

Our Story

Being an avid reader, I know that the beginning to any story is quite important. So, I thought before I jumped right into my life as a Momma, I'd start from the beginning.

My story begins in 2005, during my Sophomore year in college at a wonderful place I like to call Texas Tech University. {Get Your Guns Up!} At this point I had had one "real" relationship my Freshman year that had ended badly. It was a long distance relationship and it was jealous and ugly, not on my part, and just too much for an 18 year old to go through. Now, I was in having fun mode with my friends.

Jump to March of that year and my friends decided that since it's St. Patrick's Day weekend that we need to go out. I was not feeling well and really just wanted to veg out in my room. I had actually already skipped out on my sorority Spring retreat, so I just didn't want to go anywhere. After a lot of "C'mon, let's just go!" from the girls I put on the only green thing I owned and headed out. For some strange reason I remember that I also had a hole in my jeans, so to put the picture together for you, I was really classy that night.

We head out to a party and after a while we move on to the next at a friend's house. While I'm walking on the side of the house to get to the back entrance I happened to turn to look in the window and I see what happens to be the cutest "brown" boy.

This party was for a Hispanic Fraternity and being friends with a lot of them, I knew that this party would be fun. What I didn't account for was that it was pledging season and that cute boy I saw in the window was a pledge so that's why I had never seen him around these guys before. So we go into the party and hours pass without ever seeing the boy again UNTIL out of the corner of my eye I spot him about to walk by me. Quickly I think that I have no reason to talk to him so I have to make something up. Luckily he happens to be wearing the most ridiculously large button on his sleeve that says, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" 
Actual button!

So he walks right by my friend and I and I reach out to him and ask to see his button. He turns to me and shows it to me and smiles. I read it and laugh and ask him if he's had any luck with those kisses. He tells me no he hasn't and I, in all my sarcastic wonder, yell out, "It's because your Brown stupid, not Irish!" He looks at me for a second, takes off the button and tells me to wear it then to see if I have any luck. So I take it and just as I'm about to pin it on, he looks at me, exclaims "Hey, you're Irish!" and plants one straight on my mouth.

Stunned does not even cover what was going on in my head. And then like any normal bunch of teenagers would do, we may or may not have continued to kiss in the middle of a crowded kitchen at a fraternity party.
{Oh, how I cringe at the thought of now having a child who will one day go away to college and experience who knows what!}

So anyway, I guess I really should be telling you the story of how I met my husband and not some random guy right?

Oh, I kid, I kid!

That wonderful, ridiculous, night that I was supposed to be out of town for, I met my wonderful Husband, Marcos. He was just a little ol' Freshman but quickly he would become the sweetest, most thoughtful, and loving boy I had ever known. I guess that's why I married him 3 years later!

So that friends, is the beginning of my story as a Momma....and if you talk to any of my friends, don't let them trick you into thinking that they have more details of that night! They lie!

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