19 August 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5:
  Belt it

Ah, how I love belts....now.  Belts, just like tucking in things, was always a big no-no for me. I always wondered why people wore them. Couldn't they just buy pants that fit correctly? Then the big "I like to wear belts over my cardi and shirt" thing started happening and I couldn't jump on that bandwagon either. It made me feel ridiculous. But then something glorious happened.

A baby started to grow inside of me.
And that baby started making my belly big.
And that fabulous round belly needed to be shown.
And the answer to that was to wear lots and lots of belts.

I really don't know what snapped inside of me, but all of a sudden I couldn't get enough of belts. I was lucky to be pregnant during the Fall and Winter so layering and belting was my best friend.


Since I could only find 2 pictures with my belted tummy and they both have the same red belt, I decided to bust that belt out for today's challenge. It's one of my favorites and I wear it all the time because Red really is a great color.

Totally stolen from Kayla from yesterday's post who got it via

I also decided that this outfit would be perfect to use my remix item, which is my white lightweight button down from Old Navy.

White shirt- Old Navy, Remix item!
Blue Dress- Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls
Shoes- Marshalls {they have a pink paisley sole!}
Red belt- I believe I got it at F21, but I could be wrong
Necklace & bracelet- NY&Co

Tomorrow is Day 6 and we're supposed to wear something in a different way.
Umm...I have no stinking clue what I'm going to do.
I hope baby boy naps long today so I can have time to think! 

Speaking of baby boy, I shall leave you with these wonderful pictures of him yesterday in his Beatles onesie his Uncle Daniel bought him. Such a cute kid if I do say so myself. 

Post Script: If you're wondering why I don't just take my pictures in front of the same mirrors as my baby bump pics it's because the Hubs made us move to another city & my pretty bathroom is long gone.   :o)


Señora H-B said...

Yeah, I'm totally inspired by the belt. And, holy cow, those shoes ROCK!

Chris said...

Wait just a second, Ms. Overachiever - you're using your remix item again? That's...brilliant!! Love this outfit! Very classic and chic.

Chris said...

Oh, and little Mr. Remy looks fab too! He's already got great taste in music. ;-)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

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