12 August 2011

Insta Friday

The week through the lens of my IPhone.

There's nothing better than hearing the sounds of this little boy waking up from his nap. Even better? The fact that he deals with my camera in his face every second of his life.  {smile}

 Recipe I took a snapshot of at our friend's Derek & Jenn's house via her Rachel Ray magazine. Nutella, banana, butter?! Sign me up!

 Remy & I in the dressing room. After 2 outfit changes he finally shrieked that it was time for him to get out of that stroller!

Just here playing Mom!

This outfit lasted about 2 minutes after this picture was taken. Exploding poop...one of life's greatest joys.

Picked up something quatrefoil and fabulous at Goodwill. I need to do some revamping before the big reveal.

  Home made pizza! Marcos' was the cheesy pepperoni. Mine, the delicious chicken pesto on the right.

Ikea finally opened its doors in Denver & we finally made the 1.5 hour drive on Saturday. To say it was a madhouse would be an understatement.  

 After a late night feeding I turn to see my two boys sleeping exactly the same way. So cute!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Faith said...

Aww sweet pic of your sleeping boys! Happy instaFriday!

Becca at One Girl said...

You're little boy is so adorable! I am pretty sure Ikea is always a mad house. MN has had theirs for 7 years & it is constantly busy. My friend from Denver said that Ikea was giving away couches to the first 30 or so inline - crazy!

Anonymous said...

Remy is the cutest little guy. I love how he's always smiling and ready for a picture... Dez

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