22 August 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 8

Day 8
  Mix fancy and casual

This one made me laugh a little bit, because I've basically been doing this for years now with my strand of pearls that I always wear. Nothing mixes fancy and casual like wearing a t-shirt, yoga pants, flip flops, and your strand of pearls and pearl earrings to class in college! I basically wear my pearls all the time and I even had the principal of my school comment on how only I would take a bunch of 4 & 5 year old kids on a field trip to a corn maze in pearls and the school t-shirt. Oh well, it's my signature style!

I didn't bust out with my pearls for this challenge, but I did wear this faux pearl necklace that is so feminine and rough at the same time. I just wish I remembered where the heck I got it! So, I thought I'd cover up one of my strapless maxi dresses with a great button down. Wearing a strapless bra whilst breastfeeding is not fun, so by covering up my strapless dress, I was able to wear a normal bra which was 2 thumbs up in my book!

Black dress- Marshalls
Yellow button down- Ralph Lauren
Zebra striped sandals- Target
Necklace- ??? I can't remember!
Ring- James Avery
Headband- Hobby Lobby

Tomorrow is Monochrome!


Sam said...

I do the same thing! Only mine is wearing my diamond studs with everything, including work-out gear. Great look!

HillyB said...

i love that you wear you pearl necklace with everything - i do the same thing except for with pearl earrings. no matter how hard i try, i always come back to them!

e&h adventure book

Chris said...

As long as I've got earrings in, I'm good to go whether I'm wearing a formal or a garbage bag! This is a great outfit - comfy yet totally pretty at the same time.

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